Client Testimonials


Jill Ruehrdanz

"I started Kaiut a year ago, once a week, progressing to 3-4 times a week. I can see, and feel, the changes in my physical movement and flexibility. There is no wrong way in Kauit. We work with recognizing our day to day restrictions. I can't say enough about how Kaiut Yoga Broomfield has helped me pre-hab and re-hab my latest knee and shoulder surgeries. Thank you Laura, April, and Kerry for your thoughtful and caring instructions!"

Kevin McNamara

"One year ago, my life changed abruptly following a nasty bicycle crash. I suffered multiple fractures; I spent a week in the hospital; I struggled with opioid issues, nerve damage, swallowing problems and faced a long road to recovery.  Shortly thereafter, I met Laura and began my practice here at Kaiut Yoga Broomfield. Two or three sessions a week with Laura, Aprille, and Kerry quickly began doing small wonders for my broken body and my depressed mind.  Strength, mobility and flexibility slowly returned. Combined with a lot of other work, I feel almost as good as I did before my accident. I am now a committed Kaiut yogi--and am extremely grateful for the care, compassion and humor of everyone at Kaiut Yoga Broomfield who has assisted in my recovery."

Anne Shopp

"I have had ongoing pain for the past 29 years. Since I have started attending Kaiut Yoga 3 to 4 times a week the pain is gone! I love how each of the sessions are developed and build on one and other. Each of the teachers make sure I am doing the pose in a way that is healthiest for my body. My strength and flexibility is growing and my mind is beginning to slow down allowing me to let go of the stressors of daily life.

The studio is a wonderful caring community. Laura has been profoundly supportive in my process and in my healing from chronic pain. I am so grateful to have found Kaiut Yoga."